'Brush' is a psychological love story.

The film is about a young painter, Aaron, who has just proposed marriage to his long-time girlfriend, Beth. Aaron is struggling between his all-consuming passion for his art and his commitment to Beth. He is not aware that Beth is also struggling with the toll and demands of being in love with him. She meets Silas, the son of a rich art dealer, and initiates an affair. The story follows the emotional and mental breakdown of the characters as their selfish actions catapult all three lives into a maelstrom that devastates their worlds. It is an intimate study of the different ways in which people deal with love's paralyzing effects.
Excellence in Feature Film

LA Accolade Competition 2012

Royal Reel Award

Canadian International Film Festival 2012

Golden Kahuna Award

Honolulu Film Awards 2012

Best Picture

New Hope International Film Festival 2012

Best Female Actor, Best Editing, Third Place Best Feature Film

Los Angeles New Wave International Film Festival 2012

Other Projects

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